The DuraMech Sleep System by Logic is easy to use and offers outstanding comfort and exceptional durability for demanding commercial lodging environments. It is strong enough for everyday use, yet comfortable enough that no one will ever complain about spending the night on a sleeper sofa.

DuraMech is the simplest to open sleeper sofa in the industry. The guest simply pull a strap and the sofa opens effortlessly. No need to remove cushions because the cushions self sort and fold with the sleeper. Additional pillows and blankets conveniently store in the backrest. It’s the easiest operating sleep system you will find.

Comfort is king with DuraMech. Our electro-welded, steel sleep deck eliminates the "bar-in-your-back" discomfort of conventional sleeper sofas. Choose from two mattress options: the Logic Standard Mattress or the Logic Contura Plus Mattress. The Logic Standard Mattress is a 4 1/2” thick high density foam mattress with deep-quilted ticking for added comfort. The Logic Contura Plus Mattress is a 5” thick high density foam mattress that includes a top layer of visco elastic memory foam which conforms to the body’s contours. The visco elastic memory foam has become the premier comfort foam in the bedding industry.

Logic’s sleep sofa construction is unmatched in the industry. The DuraMech sleep system is built on a unique steel-based chassis that is precision engineered and cycle tested. Unlike conventional sleeper sofa’s, the mechanisms are not bolted to the upholstered wood frame. This avoids wear to the frame and allows for a fluid sofa to sleeper transition.

Logic’s DuraMech collection features modular construction. This allows the sleeper sofa to be easily moved, avoiding damage to the sleeper as well as the facility. The modular construction also allows for simple field replacements of any component.

The Logic DuraMech Sleep System is the best convertible sofa solution in the industry. The DuraMech is available in queen, full, and lounge chair sizes.